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We believe that games belong to their players. If you add or change a rule that makes it more fun, please feel free to play it your way! But, also, please share it with us so we can post it on this page! You can suggest house rules for all of our games by emailing us at:

Below, you’ll find House Rules for all of our published games!

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House Rules for ExeCUTEtion

On your turn, instead of playing only one Special Card, you may play as many as you’d like. Draw back up to 5 cards once your turn is over.

Rule by: Edgar W.

Instead of playing only 3 rounds, just keep a running total for every time you play with the same person/people. 

Yes, this is actually a thing that a customer did and told us about. It’s awesome! You can see their scorepad here.

Rule by: Ben H.

House Rules for Shuffle Kerfuffle

When you draw the Kerfuffle, all players must yell, “Kerfuffle!” and instead of just discarding all of Point cards that you normally would have, first toss all of them into the air. All other players have the opportunity to attempt to grab as many Point cards out of the air as they can, before they hit the ground/table.

Once they hit the ground/table, all of those cards must be discarded.

Rule by: Noah J.

When someone draws the Kerfuffle, they must keep shuffling until all other players agree that they may stop shuffling.

Rule by: Noah J.

Babble Blurt Logo

House Rules for Babble Blurt

Instead of the default of 3 letters long, you may choose to have the minimum word length be 4 or 5 letters, for an extra challenge. Heck—even 9 letters if you want!

Rule by: Noah J.

You are allowed to blurt out words that are proper nouns, such as names, or places!

Rule by: Noah J.

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