The Card Game of Adorable Capital Punishment

2-6 Players

15-30 Min

Ages 13+

a game by
Noah Johnson & Rebecca Johnson
of Nomich Games


Game Description

ExeCUTEtion is the card game of adorable capital punishment. Take out your friends and don’t get deadified!

Maybe do away with your friends with the help of a happy little Electrocution, or maybe with an innocuous Drowning? Hanging? What about Burying Them Alive? Drawn and Quartered? Impalement? All these, and more in ExeCUTEtion!


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How to Play &
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About Us

Who I Am

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Hi! My name is Noah (AKA Nomich)! I started our family games company back in 2020 on these 3 core values: 1: People > Money, 2: Fun & Affordable, and 3: Genuine Value. In addition to being the founder, I wear many other hats, including: game design, graphic & web design, customer service, marketing, networking, sales—A LOT.

However, when it comes to things like running social media, fulfilling orders, and problem-solving games, I enlist the help of my wonderful family (pictured below)! You can read more about us and our company as a whole on our About Us page.

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