A Business Card That IS a Game

2-4 Players

2-5 Min

Ages 7+

designed by
Noah Johnson & Anneli Anderson
of Nomich Games

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How to Play

This is your Flick Fighter.

Take turns flicking your own Fighter at an opponent's, and do damage every time you knock their Fighter down.

NOTE: A Fighter must be completely knocked down for it to count as a hit. It does not count if you just bump or graze them.


To set up, play on any tabletop surface (or the ground, if you're feeling primal), and distance the Fighters about 2 Feet* apart from each other.

*2 feet is just a recommendation! Feel free to distance them closer (easier) or further away (harder)

How to Fold Your Fighter

Play Video


Players start with 5 Health—Last one standing wins.

You do 1 Damage if your Fighter touches the table before knocking over your opponent.

You do 2 Damage if you knock them over midair (before it hits the table or any other surface).

If you catch your opponent's fighter midair, you may either gain +1 Health or do 1 Damage to the Player who flicked the Fighter. However, you may only catch their fighter if it has flown past your own.

Use this nifty counter to keep track of Health!

Scoring Notes

Our Debut Game

Available Now!

Quick to Learn • Fun & Simple • Fast-Paced 

ExeCUTEtion is the card game of adorable capital punishment, and is for 2-6 players. Do away with your friends and don’t get deadified!

Maybe take out your friends with the help of a happy little Electrocution, or maybe with an innocuous Drowning? Hanging? What about Burying Them Alive? Drawn and Quartered? Impalement? All these, and more in ExeCUTEtion!


GOAL: Make a fun, simple, and dynamic game that one could keep in their wallet.

It all started with a simple question: How do I make my business card stand out? I’m a tabletop game publisher, so I was thinking that it only made sense to attempt to make my business card into a game itself! This seemed like a great premise, and I got very excited about it very fast. Little did I know what challenges I would face while creating a fun, simple, dynamic game that was literally just the business card itself, without any additional pieces…Continue Reading the Full Story: How I made my business card into a game

Who I Am

Founder, Creator

Hi! My name is Noah (AKA Nomich)! I started our family games company back in 2020 on these 3 core values: 1: People > Money, 2: Fun & Affordable, and 3: Genuine Value. In addition to being the founder, I wear many other hats, including: game design, graphic & web design, customer service, marketing, networking, sales—A LOT.

However, when it comes to things like running social media, fulfilling orders, and problem-solving games, I enlist the help of my wonderful family (pictured below)! You can read more about us and our company as a whole on our About Us page.

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